Welcome to Sexybay.com– Australia’s sexiest online auction site. 

Sexybay is for open-minded people from all over the world who don't want to be restricted,

people who won't judge or want to be judged,

A community of sellers and buyers to show off their sexy wares and buy fabulous sexy items.

Sexybay has recently been rebuilt and works well on your computer, ipad, or tablet.

App’s coming soon... cross fingers...

It’s got heaps of new features, including classifieds and live chat help.

Sellers can have a storefront for their wares and I have recently added a user forum

that you can use to chat with others and voice your opinions with un-moderated abandon....

Community, Personals, Wanted and Jobs classifieds are FREE! So go ahead and list your event or unusual request...

Sexybay provides a forum for open-minded trading. 

There are links to other sexy stuff and I will keep adding stuff as i figure out how to, let me know what you’d like to see on the website because I aim to please!

Keeping up with modern trends of online purchasing, buying and selling adult products has never been easier or as fun..

You need to be registered to buy or sell on Sexybay, but registering only takes a couple of minutes and then you are ready to go.  I ‘pinky-swear’ promise not to send you a heap of spam or give your info to anyone else.

Browse from the comfort of your own home or office, bedroom or car... Learn about new products, ask questions of you want to, see the photos, read the reviews (coming as I finish testing them).

Use either the Buy Now or Auction format to bid and grab real bargains.

Sexybay is loaded with great products, with sexy lingerie, books, adult toys, lotions and enhancers, fetish gear, art, collectables, swings and masturbators, all to enhance and add some zing to your sex-life and a spring in your step!

It could be time to sell Grannies first vibrator or Pop’s porn collection or perhaps you have some erotic art that is too risqué for your lounge room but someone else will love...

As long as it is legal, anything goes!